The convenience store chain OXXO was denied a permit to sell alcohol in its stores by the TABC because of its corporate parent’s indirect partial ownership of Heineken NV brewers. OXXO believes that the TABC is applying its tied-house laws inconsistently and unfairly. The Texas Association of Business, together with McLane, submitted an amicus brief in the case to voice their shared concerns about the unfair and uneven application of the law. On May 27, 2016, the Texas Supreme Court granted OXXO’s petition to review this case and it will be argued before the Court in the fall.


Walmart filed a federal suit against the TABC in an effort to overturn a rule prohibiting publicly-traded companies from holding a package store permit. While the suit brought by Walmart is different than the suit brought by the Texas Association of Business and McLane, there are similarities. For example, Walmart, too, wants the TABC to allow for a level-playing field for the alcoholic beverage industry in Texas.

Deep Ellum Brewing

Deep Ellum has sued the TABC in federal court contending that the TABC treats craft brewers differently than Texas wineries and distillers. Deep Ellum alleges that it is unconstitutional for the TABC to prohibit craft brewers from selling their products on-site for off-premise consumption, while at the same time allowing Texas wineries and distillers to engage in such conduct.

Laws must be applied in a fair, consistent and legal manner.


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